Scaffolding Courses

Scaffolding Courses

Mobile Aluminium Scaffolding Tower Erection, Dismantling, and Inspection (PASMA Certified)

Course Overview : This course is designed for persons required to carry out work which involves the erection, dismantling and use of mobile towers to the 3T & AGR method as recommended by the HSE.


1 Day programme

Objective : The participant will learn about bad practice, good practice associated with erection and dismantling. The participants will learn two methods

  • The Through the Trap (3T) method requires the operative to sit in the trap of the deck to put on the guiderails.
  • The Advanced Guard Rail (AGR) method places the guiderails in advance of the working platform, where the operative can ascend the tower and straight onto the working platform or deck with the guiderails already in place.


  • Introduction
  • Types of Scaffolding
  • Regulations and Codes Of Practice
  • Stability Of Towers
  • Use Of Outriggers and Stabilisers
  • Safe Use Of Towers
  • Loading On Towers
  • Understanding Manufacturer’s Instructions
  • Practical Erection, Movement and Dismantle of Towers
  • Legislation and Health & Safety
  • Working at heights
  • Structure of Mobile Tower Scaffold
  • Mobile Scaffold Safety Requirements
  • Mobile Aluminum Tower Components
  • Assembling of Mobile Aluminum Tower Scaffolding
  • Inspection

Accreditation Body: KHDA & Dubai Municipality approved Course

Certificate validity: 2 Years Valid Certificate