HSE Courses

HSE Courses

Abrasive wheel safety Awareness

Course Overview : This course is for employees to know the theory and practical of safe use if Abrasive Wheels.


Half day programme

Objective : The learners will be able to store and identify abrasive wheels. They are going to be able to select, inspect and mount abrasive wheels.


  • Introduction
  • Sense of obligations/Role or Responsibilities
  • Risk and Risk Assessment
  • Abrasive wheels regulations
  • Identifying the hazards of working with abrasive wheels
  • Selecting the correct wheel for the job
  • Inspection & testing of abrasive wheels
  • Guarding of grinding and cutting operations
  • Hazards and risk control measures associated with Abrasive Wheels
  • PPE
  • Types of abrasive wheel machines and their safe use
  • Resin & vitrified bonded abrasive wheel selection, marking, identification and inspection
  • Correct use, setting, adjustment and inspection of flanges, guards and accessories
  • Differences between grinding and cutting operations
  • Safe mounting of the abrasive wheel

Accreditation Body : KHDA & Dubai Municipality approved Course

Certificate validity : 2 Years Valid Certificate