HSE Courses

HSE Courses

Emergency Response Training (ERT)

Course Overview : This course is designed for the workplaces that need a plan for emergencies that can have a wider impact. Special procedures are needed for emergencies such as serious injuries, explosion, flood, poisoning, electrocution, fire, and release of radioactivity and chemical spills.


Maximum 04 Hours

Objective : Learners will become well trained and competent, take part in regular and realistic practice, and will have clearly agreed recorded plans, actions and responsibilities.


  • Introduction
  • Planning for health and safety
  • Writing a health and safety policy
  • Controlling the risks
  • Accidents and investigations
  • Multi-Occupancy workplaces
  • Consulting employees
  • Providing training and information
  • Preparation of reports on accidents, incidents and diseases
  • Plan essential actions such as emergency plant shutdown, isolation or making processes safe. Clearly identify important items like shut-off valves and electrical isolators etc.
  • Rescue operations in Engulfment, asphyxiation, toxic chemical exposure, including fire and explosion at confined spaces like commercial establishments, schools, colleges, hospitals, and so on.
  • Rescue training for working at height or fire incident
  • Liaising directly with external agencies upon their arrival on-site .e.g. Fire Services (Civil Defense), Medical Services, Rescue Team, Police, etc…
  • Development report
  • Producing Records to facilitate investigations
  • Equipment and apparatus
  • Maintenance of Basic Rescue tools
  • Debriefing

Accreditation Body : KHDA & Dubai Municipality approved Course

Certificate validity : 2 Years Valid Certificate