HSE Courses

HSE Courses

Chemical Handling Safety Awareness

Course Overview : Chemical Safety Training is designed for those who have the potential to be exposed to chemicals in the workplace. On completion of the course participants should understand the physical and health hazards of chemicals used in the workplace.


Maximum 1 day programme

Objective : The only objective of this course is to bring awareness regarding the chemical related dangers and safety measures in this course.


  • Introduction
  • Sense of obligations/Role or Responsibilities
  • Risk and Risk Assessment
  • The definition of a hazardous substance
  • Examples of hazardous substances in the workplace
  • Routes of entry into the body for hazardous substances
  • Identify and classify a hazardous chemical’s class and type.
  • Demonstrate ways to assess and manage the hazards associated with chemicals.
  • Re-label any new transfer bottles.
  • Implement the proper procedures for responding to spills, emergencies, or injuries.
  • Maintain an accurate chemical inventory.
  • Acute versus Chronic hazards
  • Routes of Exposure
  • Toxicity
  • Labelling & Storage
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Administrative & Engineering Controls
  • Emergency Preparation

Accreditation Body : KHDA & Dubai Municipality approved Course

Certificate validity : 2 Years Valid Certificate