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H2S Awareness and Breathing Apparatus

Course Overview : The course is structured in a way so that learners who are from the Oil and Gas industry, as well as other industries that include Pulp and Paper, Utilities, agricultural, heavy water, and chemical manufacturing can understand the cause, effect and control of Hydrogen Sulphide along with emergency response planning & rescue.


Maximum 1 Day programme

Objective : The individual will understand the short & long terms health effects of the hydrogen sulphide and will have an idea to use PPE, SCBA or SCABA.


  • Introduction
  • Sense of obligations/Role or Responsibilities
  • Risk and Risk Assessment
  • Actions to be taken in the event of an alarm
  • Common definitions: PPM, WEL
  • How H2S is detected and the use of onsite and personnel detection equipment
  • H2S gas, it’s common name where it can be ordinarily found
  • Measurement and the WEL of H2S
  • Physical properties and characteristics of H2S
  • Physiological effects of exposure to H2S
  • Role of the emergency response teams in an H2S emergency
  • Types of respiratory equipment available including escape breathing apparatus and self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Importance of a correct facemask fit

Accreditation Body : KHDA & Dubai Municipality approved Course

Certificate validity : 2 Years Valid Certificate