Lifting Supervisor

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Lifting Supervisor

Course Overview : This training enables suitable employees to learn the basic elements of managing lifting operations. After training, candidates ought to work under the supervision of an experienced appointed person or crane supervisor until their employer has assessed them as competent to perform their duties.


3 Days Programme

Objective : This course provide the knowledge to enable students to undertake the duties of an appointed person for lifting operations.


  • Introduction
  • The relevant legal requirements, including those to do with crane construction, maintenance, thorough examination, documentation, record keeping and use
  • The principles of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems
  • Pre-operational checks, reporting and operator level maintenance in accordance with manufacturer’s instruction
  • Site surveys and identification of hazards
  • Risk and Strength Assessments, calculation of load distribution
  • The assessment of lift categories, load complexities and environmental complexities
  • Load charts and the selection of cranes for different duties
  • Weather forecasts, measurement of wind speed and determining limiting wind speeds for erection of the crane and lifting operations
  • Down-rating of lifting capacity for multiple lifting or lifting loads with large sail areas
  • Good operating practices, including operation near other plant equipment, precautions near overhead lines, structures, etc.
  • Precaution, communication and plan of lifting operations
  • Routine care, maintenance and inspection
  • The selection and correct use of appropriate lifting accessories, including methods of slinging, the methods of rating for multi-legged slings, the concepts of working load limit and rated capacity, interpretation of markings and down-rating of lifting accessories for any particular adverse conditions of use.
  • Signaling methods, including the recognized code of hand signals
  • Check- Site Survey & Potential Hazard, access and egress routes of the crane, loads to be lifted, lifting accessories, reports of thorough examination, pre-use checks and exclusion area
  • Briefing Slinger, Signaler and Operator
  • Supervising the siting and setting up of the crane in preparation for the lifting operation
  • Supervising the lifting operation
  • Checking that the crane is stowed correctly and prepared for travel

Certification: A practical and theory test will be taken on day Five of the course if successful the Delegate will be awarded a LEEA certificate of training.