HSE Courses

HSE Courses

Confined Space Entry & Gas testing

Course Overview : This course is to enable a trainee to identify hazards and controls within confined spaces; develop an emergency procedure plan; and complete the necessary documentation required for a confined space entry.


Maximum 1-day programme

Objective : This course gives the attendee a working knowledge of the government regulations and requirements to ensure that a confined space is safe for worker entry. It provides general practical experience in the use of gas detection equipment, as well as selection and usage of respiratory protection equipment.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Sense of obligations/Role or Responsibilities
  • Risk and Risk Assessment
  • Identify required legal documents covering confined space entry
  • Identify the main hazards of confined spaces are identified in terms of their potential for serious harm
  • Identify control measures to eliminate or minimize the confined space risks
  • Conduct confined space entries (various scenarios)
  • Develop an emergency procedure plan
  • Entry Permits or Legislative requirements for confined space entry
  • Operate an atmospheric testing device to determine a suitable atmosphere exists to work safely

Accreditation Body : KHDA & Dubai Municipality approved Course

Certificate validity : 2 Years Valid Certificate