Scaffolding Courses

Scaffolding Courses

EIAC approved Scaffolding Inspection

Course Overview : This course is for the participants who want to be specialized in Inspection of Scaffolds/ False works.


Depends on scaffold

Objective : Learners will gain an understanding of Accreditation Requirements for Inspection Bodies working in the field of Scaffolds (EIAC - RQ - IB - 003) and its application for the accreditation of their entity.


  • Introduction
  • Regulations and approved Codes of Practice
  • Scaffolding terminology
  • Scaffolding components
  • Prepare work schedule
  • Liaisons with Coordinators
  • Material selection,
  • inspection & care of scaffolding components,
  • prepare work,
  • scaffolding Job planning,
  • hazard control
  • fall protection
  • safe working system
  • PTW procedures
  • scaffolding estimation

Accreditation Body: EIAC and Dubai Municipality

Certificate validity: 06 months from the date of inspection and the certificate ceases if any modification or repair done to the scaffold.