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working safely

Course Overview : This course is designed to make learners proficient to holistic Safety health management system in order to prevent injuries, illnesses, and death from work-related causes and minimize losses of material resources.


1 Day programme

Objective : This course enables the learners after training to ensure safety, health, and wellbeing of employees, contractors, and members of the visiting public with in the work field.


  • Introduction
  • Worksite/Office Analysis – Inspections, Hazard Analysis of Routine & Non- Routine Task
  • Risk and Risk Assessment
  • Employee reporting of Hazards
  • Incident Reporting & Investigation procedures
  • Hazard Prevention and Control
  • Safety & Health training programs, and their evaluation
  • Abide with the structure of Safety & Health Management System
  • To work with the with the local safety and health committee
  • Hazard Communication Program
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Emergency Contingency Plan
  • Shelter in place emergency
  • Relocating the designated shelter areas
  • Emergency Water, Nutritional supplement, Flash Lights and Chemical Light Sticks, First Aid supplies and Self Powered Radio
  • Arranging Emergency Medical preparedness
  • Closing of the worksite during emergency
  • Building Evacuation Communication System
  • Plans for natural disaster, hostage and civil disturbance
  • Preparedness on Power Failure, Worksite violence & Elevator Entrapment
  • Approval Checklist and Evaluation of Hazardous Energy Resources
  • First Aid including AED & CPR
  • Protection from height and noise
  • Control & Prevention of Pathogens, & Diseases at the work site
  • Maintaining the medical record

Accreditation Body : IOSH, UK

Certificate validity : 03 years valid Certificate