Scaffolding Courses

Scaffolding Courses

Scaffolding Erection & Dismantling

Course Overview : This course is designed to provide participants with information related to scaffolding systems that are presently being used in the construction industry.


1 day programme, Maximum 05 – 06 hours

Objective : This course outline makes the individuals able to erect & dismantle the scaffold safely.


  • Introduction
  • Different types of Scaffold
  • Parts of Scaffold
  • Scaffold Construction
  • Standards of Scaffolding
  • Purpose of Each Parts of Scaffold
  • Standards of scaffold parts
  • Working at Height Preventions
  • Working at Height Protection Methods
  • Ladder Placing and its use
  • Ground Preparation
  • Mobile Scaffold and its use
  • Hazards associated with Scaffold Construction
  • Different reasons for scaffold collapses
  • Inspection of Scaffold methods

Practical: Practical Inspections and Assessments

Accreditation Body: KHDA & Dubai Municipality approved Course

Certificate validity: 2 Years Valid Certificate