HABC- Fire Safety Courses

Level 1 International Award in Fire Safety

Course Overview : Learners gaining this qualification will know that fire safety is the responsibility of everyone in the workplace and will recognize their contribution in the prevention of fires and fire spread.


1-day programme, 04 hours max.

Audience : Open to any person working in an industrial facility. This course is designed to train individuals in the basic concepts of firefighting.

Objective : : This qualification is aimed at all staff, particularly new starters, in any workplace where a basic understanding of fire safety is required.

Outline (International Award):

  • Introduction
  • Role & Responsibilities
  • Recognizing main causes of fires in the workplace
  • Fire safety outline on duties and responsibilities of fire wardens, employees and employers
  • Principles of prevention and control of fire in the workplace
  • Life and assets saving actions in the event of fire.

Practical : Extinguishing Class “A” and Class “B” fires.

Awarding Body : Highfields International

Certificate validity : Certificate valid for three years.