EIAC- Personnel Certification

EIAC- Personnel Certification


Assesment Overview : The Signalman assesment aim at providing the workers with the knowledge and skill required to clear signals in order to guide the crane operator in the maneuvering of a load safely to its destination.

Criteria for Certification Process :

a. Submission of Application : The aim of this course to shape professional knowledge and skills so the participants could be worthy of being designated as a Certified Signal man.

Outline Level 1:

  • Candidate must complete and sign the Assessment Registration Form, which includes an affidavit that a medical professional has found him physically qualified to carry out the objective of the Technical requirements according to the relevant standard and must be aged over 18. (The candidate registration Form enclosed at the back of this scheme).
  • The candidate also must complete and sign the Certification Assessment Application form to enable the certifying company issuing the signalman passport ID for the certified person.
  • The Eurolink Safety shall require that all candidates who are based in UAE must submit the following documents along with duly filled application for certification:
    1. Passport copy
    2. Valid residence visa copy
    3. Labour card copy
    4. Colored photograph
    5. Proof of training (if relevant)
    6. Evidence of working experience

b. Assessment Methods and Mechanism for Initial Certification and Recertification

  • The candidate should carry out assessment to be certified as signalman.
  • The Assessment Methods and Mechanism will consist of two stages:
    1. Written Examination.
    2. Practical Examination.
  • The candidates must register for both stages.
  • A candidate must pass both stages of examination in order to be certified for a duration of one-year period only.

c. Written Assessment

  • The written assessment has multiple-choice questions in the line with Dubai Accreditation Center's requirements and recommendations as well as the scheme of certification processes.
  • The written assessment has multiple-choice questions in the line with Dubai Accreditation Center's requirements and recommendations as well as the scheme of certification processes.
  • Written assessment will be taken as paper/pen tests.

Written assessment is carried out to evaluate the qualification of signalman with regards the safety operation of lifting equipment’s

d. Practical Assessment /Skills Test

  • Practical assessment will be taken as oral/verbal assessment.
  • The Eurolink Safety Examiner will conduct the test at the client site layout for the required model of crane and the examiner will ensure that the assessment process remains standardized for all candidates, wherever and whenever they may conduct the test.

Practical scoring: The Examiner's task is primarily to record the performance of the candidate. Scoring criteria must be set by the examiner.

e. Certification Timeframe

  • All candidates may take their Written and Practical assessment in any order.
  • All candidates may only take one day for signalmen assessment and that will depend upon the number of candidates for each assessment batch. Assessment timing may be set by the examiner and may be extended based on other variables and or languages barriers.
  • But in normal cases the timing will be set as the following:
  • Written Assessment: will be set at 40 minutes/ Group.
  • Practical Assessment: The time limit will be 30 minutes/ Candidate.

f. Test Scoring Information

  • Eurolink Safety Written and Practical assessment are criterion-referenced examinations; i.e., the passing score is set beforehand, and candidate performance on the assessment is not compared to the performance of others taking the assessment. In a criterion-referenced assessment, a candidate must obtain a score equal to cr higher than a predetermined passing score to pass the test.
  • Eurolink Safety has prepared for every assessment three types for the written assessment, these types has the same questions with same options of answer but segregated from each other in the order of each questions and the order of options of the answers.
  • Eurolink Safety will take full responsibility to fairly review and score the candidate examination papers.
  • The assessment results for written and practical will be recorded in the Certification Assessment Application form of candidates by the decision maker.
  • A candidate must pass both Written and Practical assessment to be certified for a One-Year Period and his score should not less than 80% for written assessment and 75% for practical.

g. Decision on Certification

  • The Examiner will submit all the candidate exam records and other relevant documents to the certification of person management to take a decision and record the exam scoring on the certification assessment application form.
  • The decision on certification of a candidate will be made solely by Eurolink Safety on the basis of the information gathered during the certification process. Personnel who make the decision on certification will not have participated in the examination of the candidate
  • Decisions for granting, maintaining, recertifying, extending, reducing, suspending or withdrawing certification will be done by the Eurolink Safety and shall not be outsourced.

h. Competency Certificate Issuance

  • Competency certificate will be issued by Eurolink Safety and signed by the authorized signatory.
  • Certificate shall include at l but not limited to the photo of the certified individual, unique identification No. for tracking, machine type that the individual certified to operate, issue date and validity in addition to as required by the ISO 17024 standard.
  • If the applicant does not meet the requirements for certification, an Assessment Report shall be prepared immediately after exhausting the appeal procedures to say that the candidate not yet competent enough.