DCD Fire Safety Courses

DCD - Fire Safety Courses

Emergency Evacuation Fire Drills

Course Overview : This will help is for all professionals and non-professionals because it gives training related to fire emergency evacuation and mock drill.


Depend on premises conducting Drills.

Audience : A family man or professional should be able to play the partial role of a Fire Warden because these skills will ensure the safety of life and assets.

Objective : : The Learner should recognize, respond quickly and effectively to Fire Emergencies. With the comprehension on company’s Standing Operating Procedures and basic concept of firefighting, prevention & evacuation the learners should be able to play the role of a perfect Fire Warden.


  • Introduction
  • Fire Safety, prevention and Extinguish theory
  • Fire Chemistry, Classifications & Principles
  • Cause & Prevention of fire
  • Source of ignition/Heat
  • Static Electricity
  • Source of Fuel
  • Consequences of fire
  • Procedure Knowledge to use fire emergency evacuation passages

Accreditation Body : Dubai Civil Defence